DIY Facial Mask Sheets

$ 11.99

Made from safe and environmentally friendly natural silk non-woven fabric, non-toxic, odourless and non-irritating, you and your family can use it without worry.

Each compressed mask is individually wrapped, light and easy to carry, perfect for travel and business trips and other occasions.

The compressed mask sheet is a disposable dry mask that is ideal for DIY skin care as it is dry and there are no facial products embedded in the sheet. Other facial products (e.g. beauty lotion, milk, syrup, etc.) need to be added to the mask before use.These compressed mask paper is highly absorbent, free of chemical additives, skin friendly and ideal for sensitive skin care and can be used for facial skin treatments by yourself or by a beauty salon.

These compressed masks are smaller than a coin and when soaked will become plump and easy to apply on the face. Use in combination with beauty products such as eggs, milk and beauty lotion. Disposable mask, space saving and easy to carry.

Highly absorbent, removes oil and dirt from the face. Specifications: Material: 100% natural fibres. Colour: White. Suitable for: any skin type.

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